Brachytherapy Visualizer Application

Project Description: The visualizer application is a VC++ & OpenGL view based application whereby pre-op patient DICOM files, live ultrasound images and live flouro images are all displayed in a single user-interface to be used by physicians. The overall application has or aims to have the following key features:

  • Automatic isodose contour and surface generation for pre-op and ultrasound images
  • ???

Subversion Repository URL:

Current Developers: Neerav Patel, Jack Zhang, Andrew Thompson

Previous Developers: (Move current developers here when they abandon the project)

Developer Installation Guide:

  1. Checkout the Subversion repository at the URL found above
  2. Open the project file, Visualization.sln, in the root directory (This should open MS Visual C++ 2005)
  3. Compile the entire project
  4. Now run the project and it should start
    1. If it complains that some windows specific DLLs cannot be found download them at  DLL-Files
      1. Andrew's computer needed mscvrtd.dll and msvcp60d.dll
  5. To get started open a directory filled with DICOM (.dcm) files and the corresponding images should appear on screen