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Initial description

Vibration Application and Robot Movement

Project Description: This vibroApp program is written in VC++ and is a dialog based application. The purpose of this application is to control various movement characteristics of a robot used with the endorectal ultrasound probe and CIVCO stepper devices. The application is able to vibrate/excite the endorectal ultrasound probe with either a sinusoidal or white noise signal. It is also able to automatically roll the probe between -49 to 65 degress in a slow continuous motion or in an incremental/step like motion (The user can fully define the start and stop angles as well as the increment).

Some other notable information about the application:

  • It uses a MATLAB compiled C++ DLL in order to create the filtered white noise signal (i.e. thus the MATLAB Common Runtime installer is needed)
  • It communicates serially (RS232) with Faulhaber Motion Controllers with MS Windows com ports
  • The code has been commented so as to allow for Doxygen documentation
  • It is multi-threaded: Com port reads and vibration white noise tracking are done in their own threads

Subversion Repository URL:

Current Developers: Andrew Thompson and Honza

Previous Developers: Lionel Zhang